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Houndstooth Road is a continental city cycling retailer based in Decatur, Georgia. We are dedicated to elevating artisans and manufacturers of unique products who enhance the aesthetics, efficiency and comfort of urban mobility.

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    We love the beauty of simplicity, and this is especially true of bicycles.

    In its purest form the bicycle should be a simple, elegant, effective and reliable conveyance that enables us to move about in our everyday lives without event.  

    We find such bicycles to be beautiful both in experience and aesthetics, and quite unfortunately it is most often these simple attributes that are sacrificed in a race to improve through addition rather than refine by subtraction.

    To that end, we have culled a select collection of bicycles that embody these ideals, and which are also routinely unavailable in the American marketplace.  We are delighted to share them with you, and welcome any further questions you may have. Enjoy.

    While we are a small boutique we strive to keep the most popular examples of our brands in stock pending some fluctuations in supply chain or international pricing. Should you desire one of our bicycles not currently in stock we would be delighted to order and build it especially for you.  

    Please let us know if you have any specific questions related to our partner brands below, or the timing a special order.

    Bella Ciao Bicycles : Italian style coupled with German engineering

    Christiania Cargo Bikes  : Icons of Danish cargo bike utility  

    High Nelly Irish Vintage Bicycles : Timeless hand-crafted bicycles from Limerick, Ireland

    Linus Bikes: Simple, elegant, affordable bikes with classic style

    Moulton Bicycles : Original marvels of high-performance English engineering

    Royal Dutch Gazelle : Legendary Dutch bicycles

    Pashley Cycles : Classic English hand-crafted bicycles

    Pilen : Swedish utility, comfort, and craftsmanship built to last

    Xtracycle Cargo Bicycles : Long wheelbase cargo bicycles for carrying children and belongings

    Early Rider Balance Bicycles for Children : The benchmark of balance bicycles